EHF ásamt Handknattleikssambandi Íslands og Handknattleikssambandi Austurríkis hafa sent frá sér yfirlýsingu þar sem ummæli þáttarstjórnanda RÚV eru hörmuð. Tilkynninguna í heild sinni má sjá hér í þessari frétt. 


European Handball Federation, Austrian Handball Federation and Icelandic Handball Federation 

Herning, 20 January 2014. The European Handball Federation, Austrian Handball Federation and Icelandic Handball Federation have released a joint statement following the comments made in RUV’s EHF EURO 2014 television coverage in the match between Iceland and Austria. 

The Icelandic television station’s presenter, Bjorn Bragi Arnarsson, made distasteful remarks during the half-time break of the match, which took place on 18 January 2014 in Herning, Denmark. These comments have been widely reported in the international media. Commenting on the situation, 

Jean Brihault, President of the European Handball Federation, said: “It is clear that racism and politics have no place in international sport and no place at these championships. The comments made in Icelandic television were regrettable, but I am pleased that the EHF, Iceland Handball Federation and Austrian Handball Federations have sat together to discuss the issue and decided to make this joint statement.

President of the Austrian Handball Federation, Gerhard Hofbauer, said, “This is obviously an unpleasant incident for handball and the championship, but we understand that this was an isolated comment and does not reflect the views either of the Icelandic people or the Icelandic Handball Federation in any way. As a sign of our continued good cooperation with the Icelandic Handball Federation we have agreed to play two friendly matches in Iceland in April 2014. 

Vice President of the Icelandic Handball Federation, David B. Gislason, said: “We regret this incident but hope that this will not overshadow the excellent cooperation and long-standing friendship that exists between our two countries as well as the Icelandic and Austrian Handball Federations.” 

The Icelandic television station, RUV, released a formal apology immediately after the incident. Kristín H. Hálfdánardóttir, RUV’s Head of Sports, said in a statement: “Mr Arnarsson has apologised for his remarks and based on his reactions and after having meeting with him it is clear that his apology is sincere and that he is fully aware of the severity of his actions.” Further apologies have been made on-air in Iceland by Mr Hálfdánardóttir and Mr Arnarsson. 

At the end of the match between FYR Macedonia and Iceland in Herning on 20 January 2014, the captain of the Icelandic team, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson, will be interviewed by ORF, Austrian national television.